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Your fundraiser can even accommodate the most specialized tastes!

Our scoop and bake Gluten Free-licious™ Cookie Dough knocks it out of the park! Our Cookie Dough is made with only the finest ingredients. Real creamery butter and loaded with goodness – no artificials added. Get your glasses of milk ready! Each tub makes 32 1oz cookies.

Our Gluten Free Standards– The Certified Gluten Free logo represents unmatched reliability and adherence to strict standards. GFCO is the leading gluten-free certification program in the world. Our gluten free baked goods exceed GFCO, US and Canadian standards by producing products having less than 5 parts per million gluten residue.

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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip

This Chocolate Chip Cookie is made with only the finest ingredients. Real creamery butter, and loaded with chocolatey goodness! No artificials added.


Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin

We use certified gluten free oats and plump California raisins for a GOURMET TASTE! No artificials added. This is the wholesome Oatmeal Raisin cookie you crave!


Gluten Free Sugar

You have found our take on the old-fashioned classic sugar cookie – with no artificials added. Our scoop and bake Gluten Free-licious™ Sugar Cookie Dough is the perfect cookie to roll out and decorate.


Gluten Free Cookies N Cream

Our scoop and bake Cookies N Cream Cookie Dough is loaded with semi sweet chocolate and white chocolate drops! No artificials added.