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fundraising gaugeWith coaching fees, uniforms, camps, competitions, etc., cheerleading can be expensive at times. Fundraising for cheerleaders is an important part of building your team’s spirit and enthusiasm.

The great news about fundraising for cheerleaders is that your sales staff is probably one of the most motivated groups of people available.
Knowing that you have an awesome group of sellers means you just need to find a product that your group can get excited about selling and determining if you need a no cost up-front fundraiser.

That’s where we come in. Fundraising for cheerleaders is what we do best. Cheers 4 FUNdraising has helped thousands of cheer teams and groups nationwide! No matter how big, or how small, our fundraising products are sure to make you money! Mouthwatering cookie dough at prices and profits you can really sink your teeth into. Cookie dough fundraisers are an easy and delicious way to raise funds for your group with no upfront costs, and gourmet tastes that will have your customers ordering again and again!

Our FUNdraisers average 14 units per seller.

The Fundraising Association reports the national average is around 7!

Cheers 4 FUNdraising has an unmatched personal approach, and will be there with you through the entire process. According to the Blog, using a professional fundraising company is a great idea. You’ll be working with veteran cheer coaches who have helped countless groups like yours achieve their goals!

With no up-front cost, and free samples, we’re sure that we can offer you an exciting and profitable fundraising experience for your cheerleading team or group.

Call us today, and let’s get started!

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