The Savory Sweets Fundraising Difference

//The Savory Sweets Fundraising Difference
The Savory Sweets Fundraising Difference 2017-01-17T00:22:36+00:00

Savory Sweets fundraising

In the photo on the right, a Flint, Michigan area AYSO group raised nearly $17,000! That’s the kind of result that  Savory Sweets fundraising can generate.

Savory Foods Homestyle Ready-to-Bake Cookies are sold in our exclusive 3 pound Cookie Cube™ Just like the name says, they’re ready to bake! Each Cookie Cube™ makes about 48 one-ounce cookies.

Add four flavors of Gourmet Caramel Corn in one gallon and half gallon tubs, and Savory’s decadent Lavalicious Fudge Cakes and you have the makings of a record breaking Fundraiser!

As the fund-raising EXPERTS, you can count on Savory Sweets fundraising to make it all easy & fun. Call our office for current pricing information. We’ll assist you every step of the way, from sales materials to the final refrigerated delivery of your order… Savory Foods puts the fun back into fund-raising!

Savory Sweets FundraisingComparing Savory Sweets Fundraising to Other Fund-Raisers is Like Comparing Apples & Oranges

Our Gourmet products are truly unique. Savory Foods is proud to manufacture products that encourage a fun, at home family activity… fresh, Homestyle Ready-to-Bake Cookies. Our uniquely delicious cookie dough is a great family treat, and it’s fun & easy to enjoy together. Most people compare our cookies to the expensive gourmet cookies at the mall. However, our cookie dough is not available in any store. Savory Foods Homestyle Ready-to-Bake Cookies and our exclusive Cookie Cube™ are available only as a fund-raiser. For variety, we’ve added both Gourmet Caramel Corn (a favorite family treat) and Lavalicious Fudge Cakes (a dessert that’s out of this world.) Our delicious products have helped thousands of schools, churches, cheerleaders, little leagues, soccer teams & other non-profit organizations raise funds in a new, exciting & unique way!

Wrapping paper, calendars, magazines… everyone has been asked to buy them as a fund-raiser at one time or another. You may have already used these fundraising concepts for your organization in the past. If so, you’re aware of the many negatives associated with an ordinary fund-raiser. Fortunately, Savory Foods Gourmet quality offerings are like no ordinary fund-raiser. People do not buy our products because they feel guilty… they buy because they’re delicious, value-driven items that are truly unique.

When was the last time you called the person who sold you a product as a fund-raiser and asked for more? Most of our fund-raisers now plan a follow-up sale to handle the additional demand that comes from offering naturally fresh and delicious products! Our Savory Sweets fundraising concept is so easy to do, that it has become the main event for many organizations throughout the Midwest region states of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania & Kentucky. At Savory Foods, we put the fun back into fundraising!

It’s So Easy!

In planning your sale, first determine the dates you will host the fund-raising event. Savory Foods is willing to assist in planning your schedule and in explaining in presentation form, the answers to your questions. Now the fun begins… you will be shipped our easy-to-use order forms upon the receipt of your sale/delivery dates and the number of sellers you will have. For greatest sales numbers, be sure to include at least two full weekends in your selling schedule. Total orders should be turned into the fund-raising coordinator of your group at the end of week two. We make the tally process easy too, with our free Sales Tally Software. Your last easy step…be sure to have the fund-raising coordinator call Savory Foods with the total number of each Cookie Cube™ variety, Caramel Corn and Lavalicious Fudge Cakes sold. Your order will be produced fresh and delivered at the end of week four. Savory Foods salespeople want to assist you in any way possible. Especially when determining how best to organize and keep track of the orders and product pick-up on delivery day. The best system to use will depend upon the size of your group and the amount of experience they have.